Community Care Network (CCN) is a grassroots/community-based, non-profit organization that began in the summer of 2000.  
Dr. Leon Davis and other physicians, clergy, healthcare professionals, Capital City Medical Society, Montgomery County Health Department, community centers, community leaders and many others joined together as a coalition to evolve a local health ministry. CCN’s mission is to utilize the medical community in union with faith-based organizations, the county health department and various other entities to provide medical screenings, medical education, medical resources and enhanced healthcare access to the uninsured/underinsured, and under-served population.  Our goal is to become the leading force in eliminating health disparities that exist in our community by working with local churches, community centers, and others, to conduct health fairs that promote healthy lifestyles through education, early detection/screening, provision of medical resources and referrals for FREE or low cost healthcare.

We have enjoyed much success with these plans.  Since our beginning in 2000, we have screened over 5000 people through monthly health fairs and a major annual health fair.  We held our first annual health fair in October 2000.  At this health fair, CCN organized local physicians, dentists, clergy, nurses and community advocates to provide screening and education for HIV/Aids, hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, prostate cancer and gingivitis.  We moved to a larger location last two years with approximately 80 physicians & dentists and nearly 300 nurses and community advocates conducting screening and education to approximately 2000 participants.  

We are making plans to expand services to the Delta Region and Black Belt counties including Lowndes and Macon.  These are two of the poorest counties the nation, with almost half of the population living below the poverty level.  Over 31% of the population of Lowndes and Macon Counties live at or below the poverty level.  They live in the most rural and remote areas of counties, lack funds or adequate transportation, and have no hospitals or medical facilities to accommodate them when medical care is needed.  This prevents them from seeking care until it becomes an expensive emergent or crisis situation. There are few physicians and no hospitals in these counties.  We have plans to purchase a mobile medical unit by the end of 2003. The mobile unit will help us reach the needy in these counties and in the rural areas of Montgomery County.  This unit will have exam rooms, lab, waiting room, front office and a storage area for supplies.  Plans are to take this unit out to Lowndes and Macon Counties twice each week, using volunteer physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers.  CCN could then offer treatment along with screenings and education, thus eliminating trips to emergency rooms in Montgomery for primary care.  The mobile unit would be used in Montgomery County at the bi-monthly health fairs as well. This would also keep problems from becoming emergent or critical for the target population.  The mobile unit will be a great asset to the community, both to our target population, who can ill afford expenses associated with crisis intervention in area emergency rooms, but to the medical community in general, as a reducer of bad debts that now plague the healthcare systems of our city and surrounding communities.


CCN  1629 Forest Ave., Montgomery, AL 36106  Office 1-877-269-6251  Fax 334-269-6253  Email: ccn@ccncares.org

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